Is Too Much Traveling a Good Idea?

by / Monday, 05 December 2016 / Published in General

There aren’t many people out there who wouldn’t recommend travelling. The activity certainly has its charm, but here is the thing – how sustainable is travelling and what’s the ideal frequency of travelling, if it is to avoid common drawbacks such as financial difficulties and slightly worse career opportunities? We believe to have the answers for you here.

There are all sorts, of course. Some would be happy working on their careers in their 20s while others will be on a journey to discover themselves. Once you have the travelling bug, though, it gets difficult to shake it off and people’s desire to be doing it is understandable.

Yet, there are certain things to consider and avoid getting caught in difficult situations later in your life.

Be Smart About How Often You Travel

While travelling can definitely take a toll on your budget, there is an easy way to be smart about this activity. Instead of rushing off to exotic destinations and spending thousands on a single trip, you can learn to budget properly.
Why budget? – Because you can experience so much without necessarily buying all the comforts.

Even better, you can always book hostels and Airbnb apartments to slash the cost of accommodation and have all the comforts you will need for a pleasant stay in a foreign place. Other than choosing your destinations and accommodation, you probably should decide how long you want to stay and how you want to spend your visit.

Some people are just crazy about the places they visit and they just want to stick around and experience them as a local would. This means having a quiet afternoon at the nearby park, visiting the small shops and cooking one’s own meals.

If you have ever wanted to play real money casinos, you know the feeling. There is always something new to explore, always some cool game added or a new promotion featured. It’s too much to take all in one week, and that’s why people love to stick a little while longer and get to know the casino better.

The travelling experience is really not all that different. People want to stay or a week, not just a few days and not necessarily in a five-star hotel. You can’t see much of the city or your destination if you are stuck in a hotel where everything is waiting for you. Instead, you can benefit from living like a local by booking in the center, but booking at a little more reasonable price.

How to Have More Days Off During the Year

Depending on your line of wok, you will have a different number of days off. Instead of taking five days all at once, you can be smarter. Take Friday and Monday off, an make sure to leave on Thursday in the evening. This will give you almost four days to enjoy during your trips, plus it will also allow you to alternate it with work. Why do so? Well, you will get a proper rest while still being at work often enough not to get completely disconnected.

You can combine your days off with any national and bank holidays, allowing yourself the opportunity to squeeze out more well-deserved rest. Of course, there are downsides to this as well:

  • Your colleagues won’t like it
  • Four days may not be enough to rest properly
  • You might be tired on the day after if you leave after work

Thankfully, these downsides really aren’t a problem. By communicating with the people at work, you can see if they can handle the work load in your absence., and if you are unsure about your holidays, well, you can always take a few days more to ensure a proper rest.

A Final Thought on Travelling for Fun

Travelling is loads of fun. You can get really imaginative with it – from going on cruise around Europe to visiting an exotic place, having a blast of a journey is always within reach. Of course, there are some downsides as well. For example, using planes too much is actually bad for the envrionment and leads to increased CO2 emissions. Plus, believe it or not, travelling without resting well is actually bad for your body, especially if it’s done often. Its all about finding a good balance between your curiosity and well-being. Besides, there are enough grown-up things to worry about as well, although having a break once in a while is definitely a good thing.

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