Top 3 Safety Tips For Bed&Breakfast Stays

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The owners of Bed & Breakfast venues often times have to fulfill the role of both landlords and part residents. While tenants will be occupying one or several rooms in the same property as you, certain areas and tools such as the kitchen, cooking utensils, or furniture are the same ones you use every day. Special attention should be given when securing the property. Guests, on the other hand, can also take specific precaution measures so their stay there can be as safe and comfortable as possible.

Tip #1: Don’t Lose The Keys To Your Room!

One of the most common issues that B&B guests confront with is losing the keys to the property or their own room. handle b&b door locks

  • Having different keys for different areas of the guest house is one of the simplest security measures owners will usually put into practice.
  • If you are given an access key to the main door as well as a unique key to your room, make sure you guard them at all times and avoid losing or misplacing them. There is always the risk of some of the guests who have stayed there before you to to have duplicated their keys, so they can come back at a later time, preferably at nighttime when everyone is sound asleep, and try to get inside and steal your most valuable and easy-to-grab items. Hence, this system is rather a cumbersome one based on the trust and hope that everyone will hand over the keys at the end of their stay, and no duplicates will be made. Given the fact that making duplicate keys is simpler than ever today, thanks to expert services like this one here, one should not have a very hard time cutting an extra key and using it to their own liking. 

Tip #2: Don’t Lose The Custom Code!

There are however cases when a guest house might be relying on automatic door locks, which are increasing their popularity by the minute. They enable one to lock and unlock a door remotely, eliminating the need to exchange and carry keys around. Owners can also monitor exactly who is entering and exiting the property using their smartphone so they can maintain a higher degree of safety for the guests.

Memorize the custom code you will be given so you can use it to enter and lock the doors at all times. If you forget to lock the doors behind you using the code, the owners will have a chance to do it for you remotely, hence keeping your possessions safe.

Tip #3: Never Leave Valuable Items In Plain Sight

Avoid leaving your laptop, camera, cash, or jewelry laying around the room, especially if they are easily visible though a window.

Use portable locks to further secure the room you are staying in, as well as the bathroom door to make sure you are entirely safe if anyone is to break inside the room while you ate getting ready for a long bath.

You can find these types of locks at regular hardware stores or you can contact your local locksmith and ask for some recommendations.

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