How To Make Your Stay At A Hotel More Enjoyable

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Some of the best hotels on the planet are known to provide luxurious accommodation that exceeds our expectations, and we can’t say we hate it. As humans, we have a tendency to appreciate luxury goods for a number of reasons, all of them strongly tied to a feeling of attachment that we have towards expensive goods. Whether it comes in the form of a reward or a way of showing off, most people love expensive cars, jewelry, clothes, and hotels. Who wouldn’t appreciate a butler serving you grapes and strawberries form a chocolate fountain while you are in a jacuzzi in the middle of your hotel room?

Of course, for a person traveling on a tight budget, roadside motels and cheap hotels or guesthouses are usually the perfect recipe for decent accommodation. Luckily, there are ways of making your stay in any hotel, motel or guesthouse more comfortable and enjoyable altogether. Below you will discover a few of the best-inspired tips and tricks that can make any hotel stay easier.

Pack Earplugs/Play White Noise Videoshotel room sign

If you live in a big city and you are used to honking horns and traffic sounds, you may feel a little uneasy listening to the quietness of a small country inn or a secluded hotel somewhere in the woods. You may want to try some white noise videos on YouTube or turn the A/C on to feel more at home. If, on the contrary, you are used to the quiet and you dread a night spent at a hotel in the middle of a noisy city, you should pack earplugs.

Pack Your Favorite Slippers

Slippers will not only make you feel more comfortable or at home when traveling somewhere new, but they will also keep your feet cozy in cold weather and protect you from nasty stains and dirt on the floors in cheaper hotels. You can pack them in your carry-on and wear them on the plane as well, and even opt for a pair of travel slippers that turn into a tiny pouch.

Get A Little Taste Of Home

While you might be excited to try out the local cuisine and discover new flavors, you should also pack some of your favorite snacks, tea, and coffee. Who knows what you might find at the destination, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. What if they won’t have the exact tea flavor you love to drink at the breakfast of your choice? Or the Italian biscotti you cannot drink your coffee without? Grab your favorite nibbles along and you will feel a little closer to home, more relaxed and comfortable straight away.

Pack An Air Purifier

Did you ever walk in a hotel room and be immediately bombarded with a nasty smell of cleaning products, chlorine or smoke, despite the hotel’s no smoking policy? Stale smells from old furniture and moist carpeting, mold and dirt will all turn your room into a living hell, especially if you suffer from any allergies. For this purpose alone, you should remember to pack an air purifier on your next trip.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of travel-size air purifiers that you can easily plug into an outlet and let it do its job and eradicate all bacteria and germs and eliminate unbreathable odors. There are even fully portable air purifiers you can wear around your neck, even though you might want to limit your movements to the interior of your hotel room, or else you might risk looking a tad weird. Some air purifiers can be placed straight on a nightstand, so you should have no problem coming across the right one prior to your trip.

You could also pack your favorite linen spray and spritz it around the room before going to sleep at night, so you can make it feel and smell more like home. For even more familiar scents, you could always bring your own pillowcase from home and steer clear from any allergic reactions.

Entertain Yourself

If there are no English TV channels on the TV or you cannot find any good stations, you will need to figure out what to do to entertain yourself. Pack your tablet or laptop and stream your favorite movies or music, or play your favorite games online. Don’t forget to pack a portable charger featuring several plugs and USB ports.

Secure The Locks

Whether your room communicates with another guest’s room through a door, or you have a balcony, make sure you use some portable lock or wedge. Travel or motion detection alarms are also a good idea for extra safety when traveling. You could also talk to an auto locksmith if you plan on driving your car to the destination and see how to further secure it against thieves.

A hotel will never feel like home, but you can at least gain more peace of mind knowing you are well protected behind an additional lock or a different security device. Don’t leave anything to faith.


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