How The Swedes Living In Canada Keep In Touch With Their Roots

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The very first evidence of Swedes living in Canada dates back to 1868, when names of Swedish descent showed up among Lord Selkirk’s group of settlers. They were located in the Red River Valley of Manitoba, and they set the ground for over one million co-nationals who decided to follow suit throughout the years, all the way to 1914. Some of them also chose the United States, but Canadian soil has always represented a fascinating realm the Swedish people have had a lot of love for. Today’s advanced communication technologies allow them to easily keep in touch with their families back home, while the internet allows them to enjoy their favourite forms of entertainment from a remote distance.

Brief History Of Swedes In Canadaswedish flag

At the beginning of the 19th century, Swedes were recording a huge growth in population, while at the same time dealing with a critical lack of sufficiency land. This is about the time when farmers started to seek land in other places. But it wasn’t just the idea of having their own land in Canada that convinced them to make the switch. The Canadian lifestyle, work opportunities or the Swedish culture all represent factors that could explain why there were over 100,000 Swedes in Canada by the year 1971, and over 330,000 Swedish people or residents with some Swedish origins according to the 2006 Census.

According to the migration data from the 19th century, most of the Swedish people who moved to Canada were landless laborers and the children of small landholders. It was the state Lutheran Church that encouraged them to begin the emigration process. Women’s emancipation also led to a large number of them seeking new homes in Canada. There were also lots of emigration promoters originating in America and Canada who actively worked in Sweden and attempted to attract more emigrants into their homelands.

During World War II, lots of Swedes moved to the Pacific considering the milder climate conditions and better job opportunities. At the moment, British Columbia is known to have the largest number of Swedish Canadians, but Toronto and other parts of Canada also host a lot of them as well.

Their Native Language Continues to be Important 

While the majority of early emigrants were basically attracted to the idea of owning their own farm in Canada, over the years, they began to re-direct their interests toward other areas. They started landing jobs in various industries, became engineers or engineers or started their own businesses. Today’s Swedes in Canada lead a  life that easily blends in within the Canadian lifestyle, language and culture, but while they work and socialize in English or French, their online language is Swedish.  Swedes on Canadian soil prefer to surf the internet using their native language. Some say it’s a means of feeling more connected to their roots, more at home even when they are so many miles away.  but  Swedish people are often considered to ” do everything on the safe side” which may explain their preference for their native language when it comes to do research or money activities online.  Today there are large Swedish populations in many parts of the world and as a result, many online shops have been established to cater the need for “snus”, salty candy and “kaviar”.  But it’s not only when it comes to shopping online that the Swedes prefer to use their native language.

Watching popular Swedish series or films online is much easier today and streaming is helpful for people who still wish to keep in touch with their roots, keep speaking their language or teach their children their homeland’s culture as well.  In recent years Swedish gambling platforms have become available online that welcome players in the Northern countries in the mother-tongue of the respective countries. The reputable tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet is the largest daily newspaper in the Nordic Countries and their online copy is read daily by Swedes living all over the world.  There are also several websites and platforms, like dedicated Facebook groups for Swedes in Canada, that enable the Swedish population to keep in touch with the latest events and happenings in their country while in Canada, participate in surveys or join forums where they can share their own life and work experiences with people who are also interested in trying the Canadian experience.

While there are still lots of Canadians whose mother-tongue continues to be Swedish while living in Canada even today, the existence of numerous Swedish resources, including swedish webshops, streaming sites, gaming, and news sites are prone to simplify their existence and keep a bond to their home country. 



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