5-Point List Of Things You Need For A Cottage Vacation

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Summer is over but you can always organize a quick getaway during the fall time. After all, sunny days are always worth a short vacation. Either you want to go with a friend or with your family, cottage solutions sounds really interesting. In fact, one of the most significant reasons to focus on cottages consists in the sense of independence that you can enjoy in a nice wooden cottage at the lake, for example.

cottage at the lakeHotel Vs Cottage – Which One Is Better For You?

Hotel rooms are for sure the most expensive kind of accommodation (especially if you are going with your family) due to the high number of included services. But if comfort is not really your priority, staying in a cottage turns out to be the ideal way to spend a weekend in a beautiful natural environment, away from traffic jams and from the typical noise of all cities.

Another important aspect to take into account when choosing a vacation package is space – are you sure that a hotel room can give you all the space that you need? Most of times, hotel rooms can’t offer comfortable space and if you are looking for a personalized accommodation, then you are really way off. That’s why cottages are booming in the tourism industry as they can offer customers plenty of space and multiple rooms and bathrooms all at one place. Moreover, when booking a cottage you are given the opportunity to self-cater your own things, ranging from food to linen. Think that today you can find welcoming and nice cottages even in the nearby of most popular casinos – which is a very attractive alternative to luxury hotel accommodations. And even though you haven’t a casino in the surroundings, you can always connect to the web and play online casino games. For example, if you can speak Arabic you may enjoy this VIP Exclusive Lounge Casino – you can reach it through the casino site of A7labet Casino.

Essentials For A Cottage Self-Catering Staying

So, if you’ve made your mind about trying a self-catering cottage accommodation for your next trip, prepare to make a list of essential things that you can pack for your vacation. Of course, in the cottage you will find all necessary kitchen supplies and appliances, furniture and essential things in the bedrooms and in the bathrooms.

Anyway, just to make your staying be more comfortable (exactly as if you were at your home), you may want to pack the following things:

  1. Kitcheninside a cottage
    Although you will find all basic supplies in the kitchen of a cottage, you may decide to pack your own jug, mixing bowls and even pans or other things that are very specific to prepare certain foods. Consider that you may find also a basic kit of sachets of coffee, salt and pepper. Of course, you can pack any food that you like to eat (tomato ketchup, pancake mix, potatoes, snacks and more). And you can also shop for food in groceries in the nearby, too.
  2. Bedroom
    Make sure to check exactly what your accommodation include, so you can know what things to pack and what to leave at home. Anyway, many self-catering cottages are provided with bed linen and bath towels, but nothing prevents you to pack your own bed linen and towels. In this case, pack face wash, blankets, bath towel and pillows.
  3. Laundry
    If it’s only a quick getaway you won’t need to worry about laundry, but if you are going to stay in the cottage for a longer time (for example, one or more weeks), at some point you will need to organize yoru own laundry. Some cottages are provided with a built-in laundry, but it’s a good rule of thumb to check this in advance with the cottage accommodation company. Anyway, pack a washing basket, pegs and detergents.
  4. Children
    A cottage vacation is the best accommodation for a family with babies and kids. You will have to carry a variety of items for them, like toys, activity books, bikes and related supplies and so on. If your little ones are toddlers, make sure to carry nappies, powdered milk for babies, strollers and more
  5. Pets
    Almost all hotels won’t allow you to keep a pet in their rooms, but in a cottage you can enjoy your freedom and your pets are welcome, as well. Check if the cottage accommodation company imposes any restrictions or rules for pets. All you will have to carry for pets include animal food and bed, bowls, leash and any additional items like pet toys.

Finally, don’t forget to carry your own documents, credit cards and a camera to capture the best moments of your vacation time!


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